Discover the Seamless Side of Steel City with Packs & Ships

Let’s face it, Pittsburghers, moving your stuff around this town can feel like climbing Mt. Washington blindfolded. Stairs, narrow streets, and winding hills – enough to make anyone sweat. But worry not! Packs & Ships is here to make your next move smooth sailing, from downsizing to shipping heirlooms across the country, or even just refreshing your furniture game.

Top-Notch Moving and Packing—Luxury Treatment for Your Treasures:

Forget wrestling that antique credenza down the steps. Packs & Ships wraps your precious stuff in secure packages, like royalty getting ready for a fancy ball. Our trusty partners are packing pros, so your belongings arrive safe and sound, no chips or scratches. It’s like first-class shipping with a velvet glove touch.

Your Vintage Treasures' Safe Passage:

Pittsburgh’s rich history lives on in its amazing vintage finds. Don’t trust just anyone with those delicate heirlooms! Packs & Ships becomes your personal bodyguard for anything antique and precious. Secure transport, regular updates, and accurate pickup and delivery times mean you can relax knowing your family mementos are in good hands.

Partial Furniture? No Problem!

Packs & Ships isn’t just for full house moves. We’re experts in sending those “just right” pieces to their new homes, too! Say goodbye to leaving behind your favorite items or squeezing everything into a cramped rental truck. Here’s how we can help:

  • Crossing state lines with your beloved armchair? Relax, we’ll handle the careful packing and secure transport, so you can picture yourself curled up in comfort in your new living room.
  • Revamping your home office? Let us ship that sleek new desk you found online, saving you the hassle of assembly and delivery headaches.
  • Gifting furniture to loved ones? From dining tables to bookcases, we ensure their special piece arrives safely and beautifully, ready to be cherished.
    Downsizing with style? Don’t say goodbye to that statement bookshelf or vintage mirror! We’ll help you find the perfect new home for your treasured pieces, without the stress of bulky loads.
  • Need extra flexibility? Whether it’s a single dresser or a small bedroom set, our transparent pricing and network of qualified shippers mean you only pay for what you need.

Conquer the Hills with Pickup and Delivery:

Those Pittsburgh hills and winding streets can turn even a small move into a workout. But with Packs & Ships’s pickup and delivery service, you can ditch the backaches and say hello to convenience. Let our pros navigate the city’s maze while you focus on the exciting adventures your new chapter holds.

A forklift in a warehouse

One-Stop Shop for All Your Shipping Needs:

From your grandma’s vintage record player to the comfy couch that’s seen countless movie nights, Packs & Ships is your one-stop shop for all things shipping. Forget the limitations of traditional movers; we offer a network of reliable shippers and competitive prices, giving you the best of both worlds – affordability and care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Packs & Ships, your trusted Pittsburgh shipping company, provides comprehensive freight shipping services. Our dedicated team ensures the safe and efficient transportation of your cargo, offering a reliable solution for all your shipping needs in Pittsburgh.

Yes! Packs & Ships specializes in office relocations in Pittsburgh. Our experienced moving service team manages the entire process, ensuring a seamless transition for your office space. From furniture to IT equipment, trust us as your comprehensive shipping company for a stress-free office move in Pittsburgh.

Absolutely! Packs & Ships prioritizes the safety of your electronics during a move in Pittsburgh. Our expert moving service team employs specialized packing techniques and equipment, ensuring secure transportation for your electronic devices. Trust us as your reliable shipping company in Pittsburgh for a move that prioritizes the protection of your valuable electronics.

Stress-Free Shipping? Yes, Please!

Get rid of the moving-day blues and embrace the ease of Packs & Ships. We offer free quotes so you can compare options from different qualified shippers and find the perfect fit. Knowing your belongings are in expert hands gives you peace of mind, letting you focus on the fun parts of your new beginning.

Pittsburgh may have its hills, but your shipping experience doesn’t have to be uphill. Choose Packs & Ships and experience the effortless joy of hassle-free shipping, one well-packed box at a time.

Get your free quote today and let Packs & Ships be your guide to smooth sailing, Pittsburgh style!