The Art of Antique Shipping: Tips for Safely Transporting Your Precious Artifacts

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Antique shipping requires careful planning and implementation to ensure the safe transportation of your valuable artifacts. Whether you are moving your antique collection to a new location or shipping a single piece to a buyer, proper handling and packaging are crucial to preserving their integrity.

In this post, our antique shipping experts share essential tips for safely transporting your precious artifacts during antique shipping.

Antique Shipping: Tips for Safely Transporting Your Precious Artifacts

The following tips show how you can safeguard your precious antiques during transit.

Choose a Specialized Shipping Service

When it comes to shipping antiques, it’s essential to work with a shipping service that specializes in handling fragile and valuable items. Look for a shipping company with experience in antique shipping and a proven track record of successful deliveries. Such specialized services understand the unique requirements of shipping delicate artifacts and employ the necessary techniques to ensure their safe transportation.

Proper Packaging and Crating

Invest in professional packaging and crating services to protect your antique items during transit. Fragile artifacts should be carefully wrapped in acid-free tissue paper or bubble wrap to prevent scratching or smashing. Place the wrapped items in solid boxes, ensuring they fit tightly without too much movement.

For larger or unusually shaped artifacts, custom crates can provide an added layer of protection. These crates are designed to fit the specific dimensions of the item, reducing the risk of damage during shipping.

Secure Insurance Coverage

Antique items hold significant sentimental and monetary value, so obtaining insurance coverage for them during shipping is crucial. Check with your shipping service or insurance provider to understand the coverage options available for your artifacts. Ensure that the insurance covers the full value of your items and provides protection against damage, loss, or theft. Comprehensive insurance will provide you with peace of mind, knowing that you are financially protected in any unanticipated incidents.

Document and Photograph Your Artifacts

Before shipping your antiques, create a detailed inventory and take photographs of each item. This documentation serves as evidence of the condition and existence of your artifacts before shipping. In the unfortunate event of damage or loss, having the document will assist you in filing an insurance claim. Include descriptions, dimensions, and any identifying marks or features in your inventory to ensure accurate representation of your items.

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