How to Take Care of Art Pieces: An Expert Shipping Company’s Perspective

A woman packing art

Art pieces hold immense value, whether in monetary terms or sentimental significance. When it comes to moving or shipping these cherished treasures, their safety and preservation become top priorities.

Here is your art piece care guide, offering insights and tips from a trusted moving and shipping company’s perspective. Read on!

Choose the Right Moving or Shipping Company

Selecting a professional shipping company with experience in handling art is the first crucial step. These experts understand the unique requirements of transporting delicate and valuable art pieces. Look for a company that offers specialized art shipping services, ensuring the safe delivery of your treasured works.

Invest in Proper Packaging

Proper packaging is the foundation of art protection during transit. Artwork should be wrapped in acid-free paper, cushioned with bubble wrap, and placed in a custom-sized crate or box. Framed pieces require extra attention to protect glass or acrylic surfaces from scratches and breakage.

Climate Control is Key

Extreme temperature and humidity fluctuations can damage artwork. Climate-controlled transportation options are essential, especially for sensitive pieces. Your chosen shipping company should have the means to provide this service to maintain the ideal environment for your art.

Secure Handling and Transportation

Professional art movers are skilled in the careful handling of artwork. They employ secure techniques, such as double-packing and custom crating, to minimize the risk of damage during transportation. Always ensure your chosen company prioritizes secure handling.

Documentation and Tracking

Maintain detailed records and photographs of your art pieces before shipping. This documentation will be valuable for insurance claims if any damage occurs during transit. Additionally, choose a company that provides real-time tracking for your peace of mind.

Insure Your Art

While reputable moving and shipping companies take all precautions, accidents can happen. Ensure your art pieces are adequately insured during transit. Ask your shipping company about their insurance coverage and consider purchasing additional protection if necessary.

Professional Installation Services

If you’re shipping art for an exhibition or installation, consider a professional installation company. They can expertly place your art pieces, ensuring they’re displayed to their best advantage.

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