Beyond Boxes: Packing Unconventional Items for Safe Shipping

A Ship Carrying Containers.

Packing and shipping fragile items for long-haul transportation requires a delicate approach. Moving services in Pittsburgh must prioritize the right practices to ensure their customers’ valuable possessions are kept as safe as possible during transit.

Let’s explore more about packing unconventional items for safe shipping.

Antique Furniture

Packing and shipping fragile items like antique furniture require careful attention to detail to ensure these valuable pieces arrive at their destination unscathed.

Disassembling this type of furniture when possible can reduce the risk of damage during transit. Once disassembled, each component should be wrapped in protective materials like bubble wrap to ensure safety and security.

For larger items, special wooden crates offer an extra layer of protection against potential impacts during the journey. Clearly labeling these crates with handling instructions and fragility warnings ensures they’re treated with care.

Sensitive Electronics

When it comes to shipping electronics, like gaming consoles or computers, it’s essential to safeguard them during transit.

They need to be carefully detached and secured to maintain their integrity. This prevents damage from unnecessary movements during shipping. Using bubble wrap protects sensitive electronic parts, ensuring they are cushioned effectively in their moving boxes.

Placing the electronics within a custom-shaped foam inside a sturdy box is good because they are designed to prevent movement during transit. Moving services in Pittsburgh adopt these practices for sensitive electronics.

Fragile Glassware

Glassware requires precise packing to prevent breakage during shipping.

Moving services in Pittsburgh may individually wrap each glass or delicate piece in bubble wrap or packing paper to protect it from damage.


Carrying Boxes.

They will also fill any empty spaces within the box with packing peanuts to prevent items from moving around. Double-boxing is another solution for an extra layer of protection.

Clearly and concise labeling allows handlers to treat packages with the utmost care and attention they deserve. Since glassware is one of the most sensitive items to ship across state lines, these labels are absolutely essential for long-haul transportation.

Packs & Ships Offers Specialized Services for Packing and Shipping Fragile Items

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