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Furniture covered with bubble wrap

Bubble Wrap Unwrapped: The Ins and Outs of this Essential Packing Material

This comprehensive guide delves into the various aspects of bubble wrap, revealing its importance as a packing material. It covers more than just its cushioning abilities and explores the diverse roles and applications of this protective wonder. This bubble wrap guide goes beyond the surface to reveal the versatile tool that safeguards delicate items during transit. […]

Modern shipping container building

Top 10 Innovative Uses for Shipping Containers Beyond Transportation

Technology has revolutionized the humble shipping container, propelling it beyond its conventional role in transportation. The uses of shipping containers have transcended mere cargo carriers, venturing into a new world of versatility and creativity. From eco-friendly homes, pop-up shops, and mobile offices to vibrant art installations and urban farming hubs, these repurposed giants have sparked a […]

Icon of an auto truck symbol

Finding the Right Auto Transport Partner: Guide 101

Navigating the maze of options to secure the ideal auto transport partner involves multifaceted considerations. In the search for reliable and tailored solutions, essential factors should be considered. Evaluating brand reputations, service scopes, and pricing models are key aspects of this decision. Discovering the right auto transport partner extends beyond logistics, focusing on fostering dependable […]

Brown cardboard boxes on white floor tiles

6 Causes of Shipping Damage During E-commerce Deliveries

Navigating the intricate web of e-commerce deliveries involves more than just a simple click and ship. While e-commerce offers convenience, it also poses challenges, particularly concerning shipping damages. The causes of shipping damage in e-commerce transactions vary from logistical mishaps to inadequate packaging, fragile item mishandling, and rough handling during transit. This comprehensive guide aims to […]

Close-up photo of assorted colored gift boxes

Shipping Gifts Anytime: What to Keep in Mind?

Amidst occasions or simply to express care, shipping gifts brings joy across distances. Beyond holidays, timely deliveries make every moment special. Ensuring a heartfelt surprise requires thoughtful considerations—protective packaging, secure shipping methods, and adhering to schedules. The art of shipping gifts lies not only in the selection but also in safeguarding their essence during transit. This […]

Turned on flat-screen smart television ahead

8 Care Tips on Packing and Moving A Smart TV: A Shipping Company’s Perspective

Navigating the intricate process of packing and moving a smart TV requires precision and expertise to ensure its safety during transportation. That’s why we bring this useful guide outlining care tips that you should consider when packing and moving a television appliance. At Packs & Ships, we’re your go-to shipping company for moving smart TVs across the […]

Person in blue denim jeans standing beside a black motorcycle

Shipping A Motorbike: Expert Insight From A Moving Company

Embarking on a journey with a beloved motorbike in tow can be both thrilling and daunting. From prized possessions to cherished modes of transportation, motorbikes hold immense value for enthusiasts. However, the intricate process of transporting these machines demands precision and care. If you’re planning to ship your motorbike to another city, Packs & Ships can […]

Close-up macro photography of a piano

Tips and Considerations for Shipping A Piano

The piano, an iconic instrument revered for its melodic resonance and timeless allure, serves as a cornerstone of musical expression and creativity. From its elegant design to the enchanting notes it produces, owning a piano embodies both a beloved pastime and a cherished talent for many. However, the intricacies of shipping a piano can be daunting. […]

Interior of a modern fitness club with various exercise machines and equipment

A Shipping Company’s Guide on Moving Small & Large Workout Equipment

In an era where physical fitness holds importance, the significance of workout routines and exercise equipment cannot be overstated. Whether it’s for personal health or professional fitness spaces, having access to reliable workout equipment is crucial. However, navigating the complexities of shipping exercise equipment, whether small or large, poses significant challenges. Let’s discover invaluable insights and […]

Couple enjoying a relaxing time together in a jacuzzi

Moving A Hot Tub Across State? Read This Guide!

Hot tubs, a symbol of relaxation and luxury, have become a sought-after addition to many homes. Their popularity stems from offering therapeutic benefits and creating serene backyard retreats. However, relocating these sizable amenities, especially across state lines, poses significant challenges. That’s where you need moving services. This comprehensive guide lays out a roadmap to navigate […]


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